5 Tips to Help You Airbnb Your House in Dallas/Fort Worth

Hosting guests in your investment property via an online booking platform as a way to earn additional cash flow has become a new business model for savvy investors who understand how to utilize technology to their advantage. Accessing this service provides you as a host with the ability to create a free listing of your … Continued

4 Things to Know About Property Wholesalers in Dallas/Fort Worth

What do you know about property wholesalers in Dallas/Fort Worth ? In simplest terms, the wholesale price is the amount a business has paid for a good in expectations of resale at a higher price to a consumer, known as retail cost. As a reasonably low-risk income-producing activity for real estate investors, wholesalers are buying … Continued

4 Tips to Win a Bidding War When Buying a House in Dallas/Fort Worth

The competition is fierce when making an offer and buying a property in today’s Dallas/Fort Worth real estate market. But, unfortunately, when a bidding war begins, emotions can get the best of the most experienced investor. So it is crucial to consider the genuine possibility of a bidding war, preparing yourself in advance to avoid … Continued

How to Do a Lien Search for Dallas/Fort Worth Investment Buyers

Liens are legal claims or encumbrances against a piece of property in an attempt to settle an outstanding debt by taking possession of the property or by taking the proceeds should the property sell. One of the most critical legal steps in real estate transactions is performing a title check, thereby ensuring that the title … Continued